We wouldn’t trust anyone except the ladies at Treks 4 Pets to keep our Ginger safe and happy. Whether it’s running the local trails, or dog-sitting when we’re out of town – we always know where Ginger is, and we get email reports with pictures of what she did, and who she played with each day.

Margot W, North Vancouver

September 2015

When it comes to our family pet, we are very aware that our dog needs to run, walk and play every day. If not, he really is not himself. There are some busy days when we just cannot schedule a walk for our dog. We used to feel so guilty. I'd thought of dog walking services before, but I was never sure on how to go about selecting the right one. It was during a business networking meeting that I was introduced to Chantelle, owner of Treks 4 Pets. I got to find out firstly that she is passionate about animals. She explained to me how the industry typically works with groups of 6 dogs, and how she keeps groups of dogs in small teams of 3, so they all can get personal attention. She and her team are very careful to keep an eye on the packs but to be extra safe, they snap on GPS collars to every dog. This ensures that if my pet ran off for some reason they would track him down without delay. I am very happy with the services I get at Treks 4 Pets. They even email us gps maps of where they ran that day and the cutest pictures of our pet having fun with his buddies.  I swear you can actually see him smiling.  Best of all, he comes home completely exercised and ready for bed. 

Lorne M, North Vancouver
January 2015
Hi Chantelle,
Thank you so much for what you do for Dolly. After her first trek she was beat, but every day thereafter she has just had a lovely relaxed energy. Her demeanor is always lovely, but sometimes you can just tell she needs to burn off some of the excess energy that's inside her. I love the pics and the map from each trek, thank you! Her huge smile in all the pictures is priceless.
Thanks again,
Emily & Dolly, North Vancouver, BC
December 2014

"...Our Champaign Boys are very special to us and have been part of our family for over seventeen years.  In the past, we have tagged family members or dear friends to care for them when we could not pack them up and bring them with us.  Recently, we had a conference and no one else was available.  We were desperate at the 11th hour and Chantelle met me for a 6:15am meeting. She was immediately kind and attentive to our Champaign Boys from this initial meeting.  We loved receiving the videos and daily photos, plus all the medical and care details requested on file should a medical emergency occur.  At their elderly ages, we are very attentive to each meow or change in drinking and eating and felt we could trust Chantelle and her team to respond to any health changes.  We are immensely pleased with Treks 4 Pets and will look forward to trusting them in the future. . ."  

Ron and Pamela Young, North Vancouver, BC   August 2014

Hi Chantelle,

Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Honey while I was away last week.  

Leaving her is always such a worry for me and I can enjoy my holiday so much more when I know she is receiving some TLC while I am away.  

Originally, I thought that the pictures that you sent me might make me miss her but, in fact, I found them very comforting.

Thanks again – I know I will be calling you in the near future for more dog sitting!

Kate Quattrin, North Vancouver

I had the pleasure of meeting Chantelle back in January when I was very sick with the flu. I called Treks 4 Pets and Chantelle came over that evening to meet Khutz (our nine year old labradoodle). She took him for a hike the next day and for the rest of that week. Khutz now has a set schedule every week.

Khutz loves his treks with Chantelle and the ladies.  I don’t have to worry about him throughout the day, leaving him alone.  He is always tired on the night of his hike. At the end of the day, Chantelle sends pictures of the pups on the trail, together with a map of the ground they covered (a 5 or 6 km route which is different each time).

I trust Chantelle and have referred her services to both my friends and neighbours with pets.  Most importantly, Khutz loves her and he’s always happy.

Rating of Five Stars!!

Sonia and Arne Birkeland, North Vancouver
April 2014

Dear Chantelle,
I just had to send you a message to say that you and your staff are so good at what you do. We've had a lot of dog walkers over the years but the little extras that you provide put you heads and tails above the rest! I really enjoy receiving the route map and photos of Sam having fun. He is always so excited when you arrive and he always comes home tired and happy. I particularly loved the picture of Sam that you sent today. He is sitting in the forest and smiling. That is one happy dog and I am one happy dog owner! Thanks so much for continually providing us with a service that exceeds our expectations.

Lori Steeves (and Sam), North Vancouver
February 2014

We have used Treks4Pets for 1 year now, and have been nothing but impressed with the service we have been provided by Chantelle and her wonderful company!

We really appreciate Treks4Pets, and all of its employees, and our dogs are so excited to see them, and are good and tired and happy when they come back from their walk! 

The ladies are so wonderful, and I wouldn't entrust anyone else with my babies! ;)

A most highly recommended dog walking company!

Michelle Johnston, North Vancouver

January 2014

We are relatively new to the North Shore and have found a wonderful vet at Animal Medical Hospital, but we didn’t have a dog sitter.

Last summer, we needed someone to take care of our labradoodle, Daisy, at short notice.

Chantelle and Andrew Dawson of Treks 4 Pets, came highly recommended by friends of ours. Chantelle was so friendly and efficient. She accommodated us into her schedule and came and collected Daisy. She is obviously someone who loves animals and has an instant connection. We hadn’t left Daisy with anyone in Vancouver before and we were definitely a little anxious about it.

Chantelle sent us regular photos and updates on how our little girl was doing. Daisy was taken on fabulous long hikes. Even though we had agreed on the final day for Daisy to be dropped home in the morning, Chantelle went above and beyond and took Daisy with her and her family for lunch in Deep Cove at the Arm’s Reach Bistro.

This summer, we recently went away again for four days and without hesitation we called Treks 4 Pets. This time they kindly boarded Daisy in their home and we again received daily emails with photos and even video clips! We also received photos and route maps of their beautiful hikes with Daisy. We could tell she was having a great time!

We have no hesitation recommending Treks 4 Pets for all of the services they offer. They are reliable and trustworthy and give your pet the time of their lives with lots of love and affection. They listen to your particular needs required and go the extra mile, giving you lots of peace of mind as pet owners.

Glenda and Mike Grunow, West Vancouver

August 2013

" . . . I have had the pleasure of using Treks for Pets for several occasions when I found my schedule in a pinch for time and my lab needed a good run in my absence.

On short notice, Chantelle was able to accommodate my schedule and pick up and drop off my dog and give him the trek he desperately needed.

The prompt response to my requests, flexible time slots available to fit my needs, and the added service of being sent photos and a map of the dog trek are just a few reasons that set Treks for Pets apart from their competitors who try and offer a similar service.

Treks for Pets offers a professional service in an industry they are clearly passionate about . . . "

Kate Miller, North Vancouver

July 2013

" . . . .You took wonderful care of Lucy,  she is a tired but happy girl. It was good fun to get the pictures. We met Sofie, what a sweetheart. She has the most beautiful fur coat.
It is so reassuring When you can go on a holiday and know your dog is so well cared for. thanks!! . . . . "

Linda Kelly-Smith North Vancouver
July 2013

" . . . A pet is a very special part of the family so when it came time to plan a vacation, leaving my little Becky in good hands was very important.  I was off on a Christmas holiday in Hawaii and required a last minute replacement cat sitter. Treks 4Pets came to my rescue and I am so grateful to Chantelle and Andy for the wonderful and attentive care they provided. Their thoughtful updates including pictures from Christmas morning allowed this protective cat mommy to relax , knowing my little girl was in the warm, loving hands of true animal care professionals.Thank you both so very much . . ."


Ginny Philips, North Vancouver

March 2013

". . .Chantelle and Treks 4 Pets in general have been an incredible help with our "spirited" Aussie Shepherd, Kobie. We started using their trail running services upon the arrival of our new baby, to help Kobie adjust and get the exercise he needs during the crazy early weeks. That was 9 months ago! Kobie always returns back from his runs tired and happy. It's obvious he loves it as he has taken to sitting at the door most mornings, waiting, just in case it happens to be a "Chantelle day"! Chantelle is great to work with and respects the needs of each dog and their owners. Kobie is a dog that requires strong, calm leadership to stay on track and Chantelle has done a great job. We love that we were able to find someone who Kobie obviously adores (which is hard to find) and who reciprocates the feeling. Thanks Chantelle and everyone at Treks 4 Pets! . . ."

Katie Garrett, North Vancouver

February 2013

Our dog, a large yet passive German Shepherd, Junebug, doesn't usually take to strangers. That's why we knew as soon as she met Chantelle that we would feel safe leaving her with Treks 4 Pets on an overnight trip. Instead of barking in fear at her arrival at the pre-meet or ignoring her, Junebug immediately went up to Chantelle and stared up at her as if to say, "I trust you." We have only ever left our sweet dog with a parent, so we had been reluctant since moving across the country to BC to go away. Not anymore. Chantelle and Andy sent us photos of Junebug while we were gone to show her curled up contently on the sofa beside them, with a paw casually lying on top of their legs or playing fetch happily in the park. Chantelle and Andy are clearly the kind of people that dogs automatically love and respect. We will gladly leave our pet in their care with ease, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a loving and calm presence for their pets.

Lucas and Tracie Pitts, North Vancouver

December 2012

Hi Chantelle,

Thanks for the cat sitting!

Seriously, great job. Getting them to come out, emailing us the pictures and videos, cleaning the whole litterbox and whatnot - we didn't expect all that and we really appreciate it.

We wiil definitely be calling you again. :)

Ben Potts, North Vancouver

December 2012

Dear Chantelle,
After a morning trek with you and her dog friends, Terra is snug in a nest of pillows on my bed. She is a happy, healthy little girl. She has had many obstacles to overcome and with time and love we know she is doing very well. She is also coping well with different day to day changes( i.e.. guests, painters). She loves her time with you and her dog friends! It makes me very happy to see her excitement in anticipation of your arrival and then upon seeing you! Sandy and I made a good decision following our thoughts that Terra would benefit from socializing with other dogs and making this part of her routine. Thank you for taking such good care of her. 

Anne Martin, North Vancouver

October 2012

" . . .Our two dogs, Franc & Beans mean everything to us. They are a major part of our family and we like to include them in everything we do. When it came time for Franc to play the part of Ring Bearer on our wedding day, Chantelle was right by our side handling Franc the entire time with complete responsibility and reliability. She is such a sweet person and her genuine love for all animals shines through with her care. We did not worry once about our dogs while we were away on our honeymoon, as we knew they were in great hands with Chantelle Dawson. We would recommend her services to anyone - and we've never left them with anyone else!"

Julien Floyd
September 2012

" . . . . You can count on Treks 4 Pets for exotic animals too. Chantelle and Andrew did a fantastic job caring for our tortoises and parrot while we were away. What really set Chantelle apart from other pet sitters was that she emailed us daily with pics and updates! We found this to be very thoughtful and professional; we enthusiastically recommend Treks 4 Pets to other pet owners . . . . "

Mike Chan, North Vancouver
August 2012

"...Our biggest concern when planning a holiday was care for our precious Golden Retriever, Angel.  We looked into Treks 4 Pets and decided to use Chantelle's services.  It was by far the best choice we have made versus kennel care.  Chantelle took Angel for long long walks and runs twice per day, let her enjoy her mud baths and hosed her down afterward, went the extra mile by sending us a daily email about their adventures complete with photos, and eased our mind so we could enjoy our vacation.  

I would highly recommend Treks 4 Pets for a worry-free vacation and excellent care for your loved pet!..."

Lorraine Ward, West Vancouver
June 2012

"....Treks 4 Pets is fantastic!!
I have very busy days, and I feel guilty leaving my dog at home all day. Chantelle comes to my home, takes Ginger for an hour or so and runs her in the forest.  When I get home it's nice to know that Ginger has had her excercise for the day.  I would recommend Treks 4 Pets to anyone looking to keep their dog happy.
Thank you soooo much Chantelle!"

Tom Munro, North Vancouver

June 2012

' . . .When I went away for a week I didn't just want someone to come collect my mail and put food out for my animals. My three cats are extremely demanding, and require a little more love than that! Chantelle not only took care of my house, but stayed overnight for the entire week and gave my cats the attention they deserve and demand. When we got back the place looked spotless, and I think our cats may have grown to like her more than us! It was great to know that while we were gone they were safe and happy. I would recommend Chantelle to any overprotective pet owner like myself! . . ."

Freda Warner, West Vancouver

May 2012

" . . .I would like to formally thank you for taking care of my Border Collie, Toby.  It's always a concern being away from your dog for over a month that he will be happy and healthy.  You have taken him for a walk everyday in that time and he remains trim and happy because of your care.  He has never been taken care of better.  I would never hesitate from having you take care of Toby and would strongly recommend you to other dog owners. Thanks Chantelle . . . "

Darryl Gjernes, North Vancouver
April 2012