Danielle O'Neill

  Treks 4 Pets was founded by husband and wife team Andrew and

Chantelle Dawson. After five years of growing Treks 4 Pets, and with

a second baby on the way, Chantelle and Andy made the big decision

to move to England. Therefore, at the beginning of 2017, Danielle O'Neill 

purchased Treks 4 Pets Inc. 


  Danielle grew up on a  farm 25 minutes out of a Smithers B.C. The farm

life meant she was surrounded by animals right from a young age; from 

family cats and dogs, to showing her horse Bentley at local and

provincial shows, to raising cows and chickens, Danielle has experience with it all. Needless to say, animals have alway been a big part of her life!

  After graduation, Danielle moved to North Vancouver to play basketball and study Human Kinetics at Capilano University. From there, she fell in love with the  beautiful north shore mountains and decided to make North Vancouver her home. Having always thought that she would follow in her mothers footsteps of becoming a riding instructor and horse trainer, Danielle now had to find a new career option within her new community.


                                                             It was at this point that she stumbled upon dog walking and instantly                                                      found her new passion. Two years after working as a full time dog                                                                      walker, Danielle met Chantelle and became the proud new owner of                                                                  Treks 4 Pets dog walking. From then on she has been working hard to                                                              create a  higher quality dog walking  service for North Vancouver and                                                              West Vancouver!