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Carolyn Kelly-Smith & Mishka, January 2024

Treks4pets is now taking my second dog out for treks and taking care of her when we are away. We have been trusting our furry family to them since they started their business. Our dogs love to go for treks and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take them. I love that the staff work on their manners and training on the treks. We just got back from 3 weeks away and treks 4 pets took care of our dog and she is so happy and calm I can tell they made sure she didn’t miss us at all.

Dee Turner & Otis, December 2023

I have been using Treks for pets for many years now (over 8 years?) for both of my beautiful Aussie Shepherds. I ALWAYS feel like T4P has the dog’s best interest at heart. All the Trek leaders are confident, patient and truly love what they are doing. Danielle and her team run a very good business, in my experience. Now we have my daughter's dog trekking with T4P when he is in town and he loves it!

Rhona Young & Wilson, May 2022

I literally cannot say enough good things about Treks 4 Pets! They are friendly, professional, flexible and they really LOVE dogs. And my dog loves them right back! If I can't take him out for a hike myself, there's no one I'd trust him with more than Danielle's awesome team at Treks 4 Pets.

Tamsin Holland & Paddington, August 2020

This is the 2nd time we have had Treks 4 Pets cat sit for us, and the service was fabulous! Danielle and her team really take the time to know your pet (and their idiosyncrasies!) and the daily updates were a great peace of mind (our cat is very high maintenance). Now that travel has opened up again, I feel very comfortable with Danielle and her team looking after our cat while we enjoy some trips.

Caroline Leonard & Petra,  January 2019

We have used Treks for Pets for over a year now. Every Thursday, Petra gets a great run in the woods, and the best part is we get to see photos and a snapshot of the route they went on. Petra loves her walker, Kayleigh, and gets super excited as soon as she opens the door. I would recommend Treks for Pets to anyone who wants a trustworthy company to look after their furry friend.

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