Group dog  walking 

5 km group trek(one dog) $42.50

5 km group trek(two dogs) $70

Private dog walking

Private 30 min neighbourhood walk(one dog) $38

Private 30 min neighbourhood walk(two dogs) $50

*Private 30 min trail walk (one dog) $45

*Private 30 min trail walk (two dogs) $55

*Private 1 hour trail walk (one dogs) $60

*Private 1 hour trail walk (two dogs) $75 

Puppy visits

30 min Puppy walks/visit $40

*Dogs will be drove to the closet trailhead from your home and will walk from there. 

**rates differ for multiple dog families


After each dog walk we always send a email update which includes: pictures of all the pups, a picture of a map of where they went which shows the km's and time they were out, what dogs and pack leader they trekked with as well as a personal update from the pack leader. 


The GPS trackers we use attach to our own collars (with tags) which we put on all of our dogs when leaving your home. The company we use is called Tractive and is one of the most highly rated GPS trackers that is on the market right now. 

Cat Visits:

$35 - per visit

We offer one or two 30 min visits daily

Prices include pictures and email after each cat visit