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(Rates do not include GST, Weekend or Holiday pricing)


Group dog  walking 

5 km group trek(one dog) $50

5 km group trek(two dogs) $90

Private dog walking

Private 30 min neighbourhood walk(one dog) $45

Private 30 min neighbourhood walk(two dogs) $60

*Private 1-hour neighbourhood walk (one dog)- $65

*Private 30 min trail walk (one dog) $55

*Private 30 min trail walk (two dogs) $75

*Private 1-hour trail walk (one dog) $70

*Private 1-hour trail walk (two dogs) $95

Puppy visits

30 min Puppy walks/visit $40

*Dogs will be driven to the closest trailhead from your home and walk from there. 


Price includes:

  • Email update with pictures of all the pups, a picture of a map route with distance and time out, notice of what dogs and pack leader they trekked with, and a personal update from the pack leader.

  • GPS collars on each dog. We use Tractive GPS, the most highly-rated GPS tracker for pets. 

Cat Visits:

$40 - per 30 min visit

$35- per 15 min visit

We offer one or two 30 min visits daily

Prices include pictures and email after each cat visit

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