Our Philosophy 

  At Treks 4 Pets, we create a truly unique trekking experience for your dog. This is based on our belief that exercise, socialization and communication are key ingredients to a happy, healthy pooch. We feel that 3-4 dogs is the perfect number to achieve this. This size is big enough to make friends, but small enough for the pack leader to maintain a safe learning environment for each pup. The smaller groups sizes also allow the pack leader to give the attention and care needed to create a loving bond with each pup.  


  We email photos and GPS route maps each and every day so that you can see how amazing your pet's trek was, who they are walking with and where they were. We are also one of the only companies that use GPS collars on each and every pup, ensuring that your fur babies come home safe and sound. 


  All Treks 4 Pets team members are fully certified as pet first aid providers and carries a full first aid kit in a water proof pack with them on all treks. We are one of only 5 companies to receive the Walks N Wags Commitment to Excellence badge, as 100% of our staff are trained by this wonderful company! You can rest assured that your furry friend is in the best possible hands.


 Contact Danielle: 778-989-0991 or  paws@treks4pets.ca