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About Us

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  At Treks 4 Pets, we create a truly unique trekking experience for your dog. This is based on our belief that exercise, socialization and communication are key ingredients to a happy, healthy pooch.


  We feel that 3-4 dogs creates a balanced dog walk group. This size is big enough to make friends, but small enough for the pack leader to maintain a safe learning environment. The smaller groups sizes allow the pack leader to give the attention and care needed to create healthy relationships with each pack member during .  


  Communication is one of the most important parts of a successful dog walking. After each dog walk you will receive a email containing a personal update from the pack leader. This also will include photos of your pup and a map picture which shows the distance, time and route of each dog walk. These updates will allow you to become familiar with your pack leaders and the dogs who trek regularly with your pup. 


  In an addition to having detail notes on each dog we offer GPS collars on each and every pup. We use Tractive GPS which is the most highly rated GPS trackers on the market today.

Treks 4 Pets is a locally run business based out of Lynn Valley, North Vancouver.



Treks 4 Pets is a proud member of NorthShore Professional Dog walking Alliance