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Treks 4 Pets Services

Treks and Walks:

good friends

  Treks 4 Pets offers Treks as well as private walks. The treks service is groups 3- 4 dogs out adventuring on theNorth Shore mountains for 5km an hour to an hour and a half. Great for any dog who needs to burn off some steam or loves socializing with other pups. The walks are private on leash neighbourhood walks, 30 minutes from your front door. Great for older pups or dogs who are not so great with other dogs. All walks and treks are followed by a email update including pictures of the pups and a map of where they went along with who your pup trekked with and a personal update from the pack leader.

Pet visits:

  Leave your family pets in our capable hands whilst you travel. Be they dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, or turtles (or any other of this world’s great creatures), know that they will get the love and affection they will crave in your absence. Leave out your personalized meal plans and play activities and we will spend time with them however they love best, be it cuddling or playing! We will even bring in your mail, water your plants, and turn on lights to give your house that lived in feel! Also, we will keep you up to date on your animal’s activities via email, just to put your mind at ease while you relax on vacation. 

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